Dofteana Village, Bacau County

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Village's Veterans (by Ana Hanganu)
Miss grand parents (by Daniela Chitigoi)
The duck dance (by Ana Hanganu)
Baptism Ritual (by Ana Hanganu)
Petronela Spoiala-Folk Music Singer
Wedding in Haghiac Village (by Daniela Chitigoi)
Traditional Wear (by Dana Camara)
Easter Tradition (by Dana Camara)
Investment in education (de Iulian Vasilica)
Dofteana Park Pension (by Iulian Vasilica)
Traditional Dance (by Ana Hanganu)
Bear Play (by Ana Hanganu)

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Pe cărarea sufletului tău (Publicat de Iulian Vasilică, in data de 23 May 2012 )
Acea vară (Publicat de Iulian Vasilică, in data de 12 Apr 2011 )
Ploile care… (Publicat de Iulian Vasilică, in data de 12 Apr 2011 )

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